Top 10 Beer Bars/Pubs

I was thinking about what my favourite bars/pubs are.  Here’s v0.1 of a worldwide top 10 (in no particular order):

  • Delirium Café – Brussels, Belgium.  At least 2001 beers available at any time (the world record)!
  • The Bukowski Tavern – Boston, MA, USA.  Bit of a dive bar set into the side of a big concrete car-park, great beer selection and a lot of character.
  • Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese – London, UK.  One of the oldest pubs in London, rebuilt just after the Great Fire.  Still basically the same as it was, and good cheap Sam Smiths beer.
  • The Ginger Man – Manhattan, NY, USA.  Probably the best beer bar in Manhattan, huge selection of draught beer and bottles and decent bar food.  Only downside is it gets very crowded with the after-work crowd.
  • Porterhouse Covent Garden – London, UK.  Biggest beer selection in London, and some half-decent beers of its own.  Gets very crowded and no mobile reception because of all the copper piping.
  • Toronado – San Francisco, CA, USA.  Another place with a of dive bar feel, really good draught beer selection.  Lots of random paraphenlia on the walls.  Has a hot dog place next door which you can walk through to.
  • The Dovetail – London, UK.  Great Belgian bar tucked away in an alley in Clerkenwell.  Very good beer and food.
  • Spuyten Duyvil – Brooklyn, NY, USA.  Looks more like an antiques shop than a bar from the outside.  Quite out of the way (from my point of view anyway) on a fairly nondescript street in Brooklyn.  Extremely good beer selection, with a lot of quite rare beers, including some cask beer with proper hand pumps, which you very rarely get in the US.
  • The Jerusalem Tavern – London, UK.  Another old pub – the building dates from 1720 but the tavern has been around since the 14th century.  Owned by the St. Peter’s brewery and serves their very good beers.  Tiny place so it’s always rammed.
  • Brugs Beertje – Bruges, Belgium.  Very nice bar tucked down a back street in Bruges, really nice atmosphere and a nice room in the back with lots of beer paraphenalia on the walls.

If I can be bothered I think I’ll compile a similar list for London pubs and NY bars.


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  1. Dwight on

    Good description of the NY bars, which are the only ones I know. Thanks for the list. Look forward to your list of NY bars if you get the chance…

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